Please Present your Octopus

I'm as confused as you are.

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Tentacles No Longer in Stock

Why I did not buy a hundred of these when I first saw this product listing is beyond me. Gaia used to offer these great Tentacle Arms. I need to make a tentacle costume for an undersea themed art party I'm attending on Saturday and I wish I'd ordered some!

Spotted recently at Halloween Addict, originally at The Gaia Store Online (link says "no products found."


Interior Design Tentacles

Behold these illuminating tentacle chandeliers from the Jonathan Levine Gallery! Click through to their website, there are many more!

XStepsahead.LiveJournal.com, from the Jonathan Levine Gallery


Hungry Hungry Tentacles

Laughing Squid's original title is too good not to post:

In Soviet Russia, Squid Eat You!

Check out this original art by Nancy "Dot" Dorsner posted on her
Flickr from the Cephalopod Love set. Oh yes, Cephalopod Love set.

Happy belated Valentine's Day! Because Tentacles are for Hugging.

Originally via Laughing Squid.


Tentacle Death Match

Meet the mantis shrimp, an animal so feisty that in Japan, they pit it against other creatures... like the octopus!

Reminds me of the great "Octopus vs. Shark" video that circulated a few years ago. Behold:

Mantis Shrimp Death Match via Japan Probe (last video). Octopus vs. Shark on Youtube.

Bejeweled Tentacles

Well, this is fancy. Platinum! Check out the rest of the jewelry in the slide show - it's all beautiful.

From FashionAndRunway.com. Exact Image here.

Stiched Tentacles

Manic Mansion Green Tentacle Crosstitch (Ed. Note - I don't really know what that means, but I do love the arms attached to the tentacle that he's using to play the piano.)

"kimberly sent in this sweet maniac mansion cross stitch. Before you get up in arms, she knows that the green tentacle played the drums…she just happens to know that the green tentacle is actually proficient in many instruments. and, to back her up, I happen to know that he is quite a singer…"

Originally via SpriteStitch

Tentacle Head


Originally via Office Twenty Three, by Ralf Breitenbacher

Robotic, Imaginary Tentacles

While I'm not convinced these are tentacles, they're close enough.

If you ever wondered what the colorful creations born of EA's Spore gaming universe might look like in real-life robotic form, you need look no further than Yoichiro Kawaguchi's prototype robots designed to mimic the organic forms found in nature.

Far different from the geometrically sterile robots we're used to, Kawaguchi's robots are meant to function on a primitive/intuitive level, with biomimetic actuators like tentacles and claws used to move the robots through the real world. The current models are just the beginning, Kawaguchi's team hopes to have fully functional versions of these robots working in about two years.

Originally via Dvice.com


Tentacle Costumes

Next Saturday, I shall be attending an undersea/nautical themed party on a boat. I must devise some sort of tentacle costume, quickly! My friend Daniela spotted this lovely ensemble, but somehow I don't think it'll fit -

Originally at



I can only guess these squid belong at a restaurant in Buenos Aires, as that's where the friend who sent me them is currently vacationing. The caption, recaptured here in the blog headline, really makes the photo.


See the original on Flickr


Flying Tentacles

Taken by my friend Tendency during her many travels and posted on Twitter -

Originally at Twitpic


High-Fashion Retail Tentacles

The display in Bloomingdale's in New York, sent to me by a friend.

Thanks, Amanda G!

Alien Tentacles

I've written about Dark Roasted Blend's report of the mimic octopus before, but they included too many new and nifty photos of weird octopi for me to ignore. The piece is entitled "Cephalopods rom Outer Space," and, well. wow. Here's a sample image, click through to the link for more tantalizing tentacles.

Via Dark Roasted Blend.

Crafty Tentacles

Two tentacle projects from the Craftzine Blog: A Squid cake and a knitted octopus.

Squid Cake here, Knitted Octopus here. Thanks to Polina for finding these cuddly and tasty tentacles!


Non Newtonian Tentacles

The essential Laughing Squid has all kinds of tentacle appropriate content. Check out what happens to everyone's favorite cornstarch and water colloid, otherwise known as Oobleck, on top of a subwoofer of sorts. Hint: It appears to grow tentacles.

Watch our new cornstarch tentacle overlords here at Laughing Squid.

And here's a glossy photo of some oobleck out at Burning Man, at my theme camp that goes by the same name.

Photo from Loupiote's Flickr and thanks to Walter (a fellow Ooblecker) for pointing out the Laughing Squid link.

Superbowl Tentacles

Hulu.com presented a rather amusing ad, featuring Alec Baldwin as an alien.

It's a good ad, but the kicker comes at the end, when Baldwin reveals his SECRET ALIEN TENTACLES. I'm so thrilled.

Ads are rather proprietary, so I can't embed it for you. Check out the entire ad on Youtube.

Still from the ad via SlashFilm.

Inaugural Tentacles

From an artsy inaugural party that I attended on January 19, the eve of Hope and Change.

Via the
Costume Network.