High Art Tentacles

Yet another beautiful piece - this one by Sven Atema. I can't reproduce the images here, but click through to his website: http://www.svenatema.com/

Select sculpture, and feast your eyes on the first two images. They're two different views of a gorgeous bronze tentacle sculpture.


Brendan said...

Just stumbled on this blog through the metafilter Octopus thread, and I can say that you are certainly my most favorite new blog.

I remember when I was living in Korea, where little kiddos chew on squid jerky with the gusto our society reserves for potato chips, I constantly saw cute little cartoon squid and octopi, waiting to be eaten. I wish I would have taken pictures, but I did not.

On my blog sometimes I write fake facts about squid, 'squid facts', but not so much anymore.

I will no commence lurking.


Anna the Russian Spy said...

Hehe you have to see this:


I was thinking of sending you the article posted, and then saw your blog linked in the post as well!

If you're on Metafilter, you're famous!

Anonymous said...

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