More websites that claim Tentacles

But of course, many of them do not cover tentacle news. Here at Today in Tentacles, though, we let the reader judge for him or herself. Please turn your objective tentacle eyes to these links. If some of them are reposts, forgive me. Tentacles are tricky.

River of the Tentacle Beast

Queen of the Tentacles

Stitching Tentacles

And some websites that do cover tentacles, sort of:

Squid from Space: Musings of the Cosmic Calamari.
Whether or not he's blogging about tentacles all the time, this is a guy who clearly gets it.

The closest thing I've seen to what I'm doing here - and it's been going on for 3 years, via Laughing Squid and now closing down. I feel only slightly foolish.

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SpaceSquid said...

I thought about having a tentacle subsection, but I couldn't think of anything that wasn't a disturbing Japanese cartoon.