Tentacles No Longer in Stock

Why I did not buy a hundred of these when I first saw this product listing is beyond me. Gaia used to offer these great Tentacle Arms. I need to make a tentacle costume for an undersea themed art party I'm attending on Saturday and I wish I'd ordered some!

Spotted recently at Halloween Addict, originally at The Gaia Store Online (link says "no products found."


AllHallowSteve said...

Well glad you found it on my site, but sorry the link is dead.
It's a shame. 'Was such a weird, cool idea...


Cephalopodcast said...

Well, there is always this option, but you can't really get your arm inside it.

Frightprops.com: Tentacle with Handle

Audrey. said...

Thanks for all the additional suggestions! The Frightprops tentacle looks awesome, if a bit professional/expensive. And Thanks, Steve, for reminding me of the Gaia link. Oh well. I guess they sold out.