Japanese Tentacle Advertisements

Things I like:

1. Advertising
2. Japan
3. Tentacles

The city of Hakodate, Japan has been producing official tourism videos unlike any you’ve ever seen before — action-packed affairs starring famous landmarks as giant robots that battle a runaway mechanical squid hijacked by vengeful aliens.

The first video begins with an interesting factoid: According to a survey of 100 aliens, Hakodate is the number one city they would most like to invade.

Via Pink Tentacle

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Just wanted to tag you back after the comment you left over on my blog. Yes! I love your blog but, no, I don't think we have met.

Now I'm curious who let you know I'd posted about it? ;-)

Lastly, a friend who saw that post just sent me this link...it seems to be right up your alley:


Anyhoo, keep up the great work and thanks for your unique participation in this thing called life.

M Katherine