Tentacle Link Dump

Periodically, I come across tentacle blogs and tentacle named - websites that either have nothing to do with tentacles or that have so much tentacle content, I can't even decide which post should appear here.

Presenting the latest and greatest -

The Cephalopodiatrist - A career out of squid? We can only hope.

The Celphalopod Tea Party - I think this blog may be doing similar things to what we do here at Today In Tentacles. I salute them!

Tentacle Studio - Amazing costume studio that made the Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II Broadway revival costume, some of the costumes for the Wicked Broadway musical, and many more.

Eff Likes to Play With Tentacles
- Personal blog belonging to Eff. Slightly explicit, but nothing ridiculous. Not really tentacle related.

The Book of Tentacles - Forthcoming publication of sci fi/fantasy work.

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