Off Topic Tentacles

It has come to my attention that many people come to this blog, this one-stop source for your up-to-the-minute tentacle news - and expect something different. After considering many responses ("I don't care," and "It's nice when people use their imaginations," ranking high among them), I can only tell you, tentacle fans, that
Today in Tentacles seeks to bring you news about real, hard hitting tentacles - and not "fantasy" tentacles. I am confident that the internet is in no short supply of that kind of thing. Really.

The internet is also full of blogs with tentacles in their name that have absolutely nothing to do with tentacles at all!




(and if that's not enough for you, try the next one - )


nicolelang.blogspot.com (the blog is called "TENTACLES")

Mysteriously, tentacle.com is available.

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